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Archive for December 2012

Weird Christmas traditions worldwide

You use to spend your holidays near the Christmas Tree, listening to carols? Well, every nation has its Christmas traditions, some downright outrageous. We prepared a list of the strangest habits Holidays world wide. AUSTRIA Have you been good this year? Well, in case you haven’t, beware of the evil...

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Dairy products – delicious source of calcium and vitamin D

Dairy foods are foods that you should not miss in each diet. They’re delicious, healthy and can be combined with many other ingredients, dispelling any hint of routine diet. The recommended amount to consume each day is 3 servings of dairy products, that would have the following benefits: Dairy products...

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Check your immunity

To have a high immunity, good health and an enviable vitality, we must ally with vegetables, cheese and dairy products. A diet rich in vegetables, fruits, cheese, whole grains and vegetables, provides us all the elements we need for our bodies to fight various important aggressors. Each individual must be...

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How to get used to the morning meal


You’ve said many times that you will  start eating in the morning, but you couldn’t manage to keep your plan? Well, we’ve prepared a few steps that will help you make a habit of taking daily breakfast. You wake up in the morning and snooze the alarm half an hour…When...

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How to get rid of addiction to sweets


I have many friends who said they would rather give up a hand, instead to give up sweets! And I really think they were serious, so I looked to see what we can find to solve their problem.

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