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Archive for February 2013

The emergency diet

Every woman, every man wishes they had a pleasant presence, a nice physique, a good health, a good level of energy. An easy way to lose 5-6 pounds in about 3 days, if you have an important event coming, is to try to detox for a few days. This way,...

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Boost your child’s immune system

Every day, children get in contact with millions of harmful bacteria: on the bathroom tiles, on the school desks, on their friends, on their pets, etc., all of which attack their immune systems. To help your child fight all these threats to his health, follow this advice: a balanced diet : vitamin...

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7 tasty sources for vitamin A

Vitamin A is essential for the welfare of your organism: it helps you see better and it helps the development of skin cells. Vitamin A deficiency can lead to vision loss (especially during nighttime) and dry and thick skin. In order to make sure your blood levels are optimal, it...

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Increase your weight in a healthy way

Are you trying to gain a few pounds, but do it in a healthy way? Here are a few foods that can help you ‘get fat’, while maintaining the natural balance of your body. Although one might think that as long as you eat a lot, it’s easy to gain...

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Mistakes made while on a diet


When we decide to go on a diet, we often starve ourselves and deprive our bodies of many essential nutriments, buy we may forget about the glass of soda we drink, the daily sugar and cream coffee we have, or the snacks we crunch while watching a movie. These mistakes...

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Good fat/bad fat

We’ve all been in this situation: standing in front of a shelf and thinking ‘This creamy cake doesn’t contain a lot more fat than a handful of peanuts. For only 4 grams of extra fat, I can eat what I like best.” For sure, the peanuts have 13 grams of...

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