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The emergency diet

appleEvery woman, every man wishes they had a pleasant presence, a nice physique, a good health, a good level of energy. An easy way to lose 5-6 pounds in about 3 days, if you have an important event coming, is to try to detox for a few days. This way, you get your figure back, your energy, vitality and keep your good mood.

This mini diet is all about eating fruit, and only fruit, for 3 days in a row. The fruit should be as fresh as possible, unless you are intolerant, of course, in which case you can boil them (don’t use any sugar in the boiling water). ┬áMost recommended fruit is seasonal fruit, that grows near the area you live; this way it’s always fresh and preservatives-free. It is very important that the same kind of fruit is eaten every day, for example – only apples, or only watermelon – raw, or boiled. As long as you don’t peel the fruit your bowel transit will work just fine.

It is implied that the only allowed drinks are water – still or sparkling, and unsweetened herbal tea, and we should drink plenty of them.


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