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Top 5 fat-burning fruits and vegetables

fruits-and-vegetablesYou want to get rid of extra pounds in a pleasant and healthy way? We prepared a stack of fruits and vegetables that can help you burn fat.

We all know that fruits and vegetables are an important part of a healthy diet. However, most fruits contain natural sugars, which consumed in excess can turn into fat. But there are fruits that help you burn fat, so here is what you should enter in your diet to have an enviable body:

Avocado – is full of Omega 9 (fats that are found in olive oil and macadamia nuts) and accelerates fat conversion into energy, and increasing the metabolic rate.

Coconut – is rich in triglycerides, which increases the metabolic rate of the liver by up to 30%. Coconuts give you a feeling of fullness, so help you eat less. Also, coconut oil is commonly used to treat thyroid gland disorders.

Lemon – acts as a detoxifyer for the liver, maintaining liver health. A healthy liver is essential for digestion and fat burning.

Grapefruit – there are many studies that say that it helps the body get rid of fat, making it an ally for weight loss. A study by Johns Hopkins University found that women who ate grapefruit daily can lose weight without changing anything else in the diet.

Tomatoes – are full of vitamin C and lycopene, which causes them to stimulate the production of an amino acid called carnitine. It accelerates with 30% the fat burn in the body.

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